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If you are revisiting this page please refresh the page to see updates.

Camtrucks will be placed on this page as they become available but pre-orders will be processed first..

Please allow 3 to 5 days delivery in UK. More overseas.

If you would like to pre-order, send you details to :  brucepiggott@ntlworld.com

And these will be delivered on a first come first served basis.

Please state colour: Light grey, dark brown or light wood. See examples below.

The price for all colours is 89 to the UK which includes 1st class recorded postage. 94 to the EU and 101 to the rest of the world.


 New 3D printed Camera Trucks :

These camera trucks have the advantage of a very wide angle of view which allows the scenery to the sides of the track to be captured on video. Also the depth of focus is increased which means that objects close to the truck and the far distant are all in sharp HD focus. Click here to see the quality of these new CamTrucks. As they become available they will be placed on this website for sale but you can pre-order by sending your details to brucepiggott@ntlworld.com

Using 3D printing technology speeds production and thus reduces cost. A variety of colour schemes are available.

Full HD 1280 by 720 pixel definition. 30 frames per second MOV file video. High quality sound. 20 minutes recording by internal battery charged from you PC via a supplied USB interface cable. 120 degree wide angle lens. 1 year guarantee.

Download Instruction book PDF


Dark Brown body colour: CTHDW03D. This seems to be the favourite because it disguises the lens.


To buy, click on the Buy Now button below.

Please select the correct postage area.

Postal adjustments below
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Above is an actual frame grab taken from a Camtruck video.


Wooden Camtruck CTHDW03W

Seems like people do like the Wooden Camtrucks so we have started making some stock.

It looks and smells like wood with a nice texture.

This version is made on demand. If you wish to buy, send your details to brucepiggott@ntlworld.com

Allow 5 days for manufacture and posting. 89 includes posting to UK


 Light grey Camtruck CTHDW03G

One for sale. Click on the Buy Now button below to purchase, please select the correct postal area.

One available. To buy click on 'Buy Now' button below. Please select correct postal area.

Postal adjustments below


If you would prefer to pay by Cheque then make it payable to 'Branor Systems' and send to:

Branor Systems, 33 Lawrence Close, Hertford, Herts. SG14 2HH

Do not forget to state the product number and include your return address.